Thursday March 12, 2020

Dear beloved UUG church family and friends-

It was with great thought and loving concern that our UUG Board and church leadership has decided to follow the recommendation of the UUA President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, for the COVID-19 guidance for Congregations, which is that we avoid holding Sunday services and any social gatherings of more than 25 people.

So as of right now, UUG is closing its doors and will no longer meet as a congregation at our little red brick church.

We WILL stay connected as a church family by other useful means.

The Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) is a worldwide UU “congregation” that offers live online worship services every Sunday at 8 pm Eastern time. We recommend that while we can’t gather in our own little red church, we gather with other UUs in this way. Here is a link: NOTE: Before watching for the first time, you will need to download the ZOOM software; CLF provides a link.

In addition to that, Revs Phyllis and John will soon be sending out thoughtful words and meditations for us to read and use in our daily lives since we won’t be gathering on Sundays for a while. We will send more information on this soon.

These changes are to protect all of us, and our community, from a medical crisis that has been experienced in other countries.

We do not know how long our doors will be closed to Sunday services and church gatherings (like forum, book club, Meatless Monday, 1st Fridays, etc.) but the Board and leadership will hold telephone conferences regularly to evaluate.

The MOST IMPORTANT consideration and reason for this closure is because our Church cares about the health and safety of one and all. To continue our mission of caring at this unique time and under these unique circumstances Kris Eyssel’s Membership committee will start pairing members and friends who may need help and assistance with members and friends who are virus free and willing to help. Please call (717 476 8850) or email her ( if you need help or know of a member or church friend who may need help.

Remember the old saying: Life can change on a dime? Our lives have certainly changed this week and chances are great that more change is coming as this virus comes to our community. But we support many lives at our church with our dimes. So if you want to keep giving to the church weekly to keep our spiritual doors open while our physical doors are closed, and to continue our support of the local organizations for whom we collect on various Sundays, please feel free to mail your donation to our little red church at UUG, 136 South Stratton Street Gettysburg, PA 17325.

But this announcement is not to solicit funds. It is to be sure UUG members and friends stay clean and clear of this new and strong/potent virus by NOT gathering in large or physically close groups.  We are also listing other resources and links on how to decrease your risk of getting the coronavirus 19 with basic hand washing practices and sanitary practices.

It’s a new day! And we will live as a family united in spirit and UU values via emails, phone calls, prayers, and Facebook. WELCOME to our new world.

With love, hope and faith,

Eleanor Pella

UUG Board President